what we’re about

Salt was started in 2010 by CBA to connect and support Christians working within New Zealand’s media, helping them to remain faithful and effective in their workplace. The growth since then has been extraordinary, as have the positive spin offs.

We believe in:

Encouraging Connection

As we are in a world shaping us towards shallow encounters, isolation, and hurried lives, we place a high priority on fostering connection and meaningful relationships.

Engaging Deeply

As a network of Christians from varying faith traditions, we value space to question, learn, and grow in our understandings of God, humanity and creation.

Esteeming Vocation

We value the unique role media professionals play in our society, and celebrate those dedicated to their craft.

“I love coming alongside ‘Salties’ to support and encourage them with their work, and help them navigate some of the big things that come up at work while staying strong in their faith. These people are a real example of what it means to be salt. When we use salt, it is sprinkled… so when I think about being salt in a workplace, it’s the everyday things that count; how you handle yourself, your integrity and your compassion for people that makes a huge difference”

– DAYNA VAWDREY, Salt Facilitator & Broadcaster

what we do

You’ll be pleased to know that there are at least 300 Christians working as producers, directors, presenters, writers, journalists, editors, technicians, web-designers and a vast array of other vital roles within New Zealand’s media.

We support these people through:

We’re able to pray for these people, support and uplift them, encourage them in their faith and assure them that – as isolated as they may feel at times – they certainly are not alone.

We offer one-on-one pastoral care and we bring Salites together for training and networking.
We see a great opportunity to expand the engagement we are having with Salt members throughout NZ, especially to the pastoral care of our Salt members.

We plan to increase the number of events we organise for Salt members in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

We run an old-school library (real paper books!) with subjects that run the gamut of creativity to spirituality and that have relavance to the media vocation in some way.
Salties can peruse the titles online, read reviews, and select their faves to borrow. We’ll deliver in NZ free of charge, and enclose a return postage-paid courier bag.

meet the team

Our team of two is small but mighty.


Dayna has been involved with Salt since it began in 2010, and started leading it in 2015.

Dayna kicked off her 13-year career in television and radio as a presenter on Juice TV, fronting a music show before heading to TVNZ to work as a Presenter and Director for seven years. She has worked in production and presentation on well-known shows such as NZ Idol, Studio 2 and Operation Hero.

Dayna’s media experience has also extended to creating online content and fronting various campaigns for the likes of Air New Zealand and DOC. She could be heard on the radio during her stint on Life FM’s morning show and she currently fronts for RadioLIVE during special broadcasts over Easter and Christmas.

Through Salt, Dayna gets to live out her passion for supporting those who work in the media as they bring their skills and talents to the industry. Under her guidance Salt has grown to a membership of over 300 people from across the media spectrum. She works hard to connect with each of these people personally.

Dayna is married to Callum, who moved to our shores from across the ditch. Yes, apparently it’s possible to fall in love with an Australian. They have one adorable son, Luca.


Reverend Frank Ritchie is the chaplain for Salt. He is the Director and lead chaplain for Media Chaplaincy New Zealand, which offers personal and professional support to those who work in the news media.

As an ordained Wesleyan Methodist minister, Frank leads a small church in Hamilton, has worked with Tearfund for a number of years and in so doing has experienced different parts of the world that are dealing with serious justice problems. His work with Tearfund has had a lot of focus on issues like human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and armed conflict. He has a history in radio broadcasting and can be heard from time to time on Newstalk ZB and Rhema Media’s stations.

Frank highly values the place of the media in society and many in the industry have trusted him enough to sit down and have confidential conversations about life and work. He has a spacious view of the world and a curiosity about various worldviews. His own way of seeing the world compels him to see value in all people.
Frank is married to Melva and has one lovely daughter. He has a mild obsession with coffee, so chatting over coffee is an experience he always welcomes.

Are you a Christian working in NZ’s media? Let’s talk.